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Found 1 result

  1. In League Accounts the majority of players tend to tilt quickly and throw leads they achieved just minutes ago. Even if you are not that player in your game, chances are the match will be turned around. Here are five tips to permanently improve your overall performance, no matter which role you play. Roles Riot lets you pick your primary and secondary role, so don’t troll and pick Jungle or ADC when you primarily play Middle and Top. Playing a role that you’re good at increases the chances of you winning your lane and becoming the carry for that game. Keep practicing the lanes you play until you become a master of knowing what to expect in lane and how other champions in this lane work. Didn’t get the role you signed up for? Try asking your teammates to switch roles, which will work most of the time because they don’t want to lose either. This usually works in ranked games if you ask nicely during champion select early on. If you do not end up getting the role you chose, at least pick a champion you're familiar with and play safely until laning phase is over. Lastly, learn a champion for each role just in case you’re ever in the position of auto filling for a role you don’t necessarily play. This also helps you understand each role and how each lane works. It’ll give you a sense of what your other teammates are going through in their lane and what you can do to aid them. There is a lot to learn from each role because they're all played differently. For example, ADC and Support in bottom lane are dependent on each other and experience from creeps are shared. You have to learn that what you do as a Support really affects your ADC and vice versa. For this reason I think these two roles are at the bottom of the list for carrying and climbing in solo queue. Keep in mind playing roles other than Support will be easier to climb with because Support players stats are generally lower with a smaller income. You also spend most of your income on items that support your team such as Wards, Redemption, Knight's Vow, etc. If you compare this role to Middle, it is drastically different because Middle players get solo experience, more gold, roaming advantage and items that increase their stats greatly. For this role, you are the least dependent on your teammates, but it's up to you to go for big plays such as roaming Top or Bot Lane to help them get an advantage over the enemy team. The second best role to climb solo queue with is Jungle because of the impact you have on every lane and objective, but this can be hard if your lanes don't respond to your ganks or commands. Top would be my third choice, since you still don't really rely on anyone, have solo experience, and can roam to Middle Lane. It also really depends what champion you pick as well because it is harder to carry as a tank Maokai vs a full damage Irelia. A tank such as Maokai aids their carries by taking the damage so their carries get the kills whereas a full damage Irelia will be the carry. I think you guys get the point, each role is pretty unique and different. Just because I said Support is least likely to carry doesn't mean you can't climb as Support. There are carry supports such as Brand, Senna, Zyra, etc. It really depends how you play the champion and which champion you pick. Master a champion When it comes to starting with League of Legends a lot of newbies want to test out as many champions as possible. While this definitely helps with the general understanding of the game it will not improve your individual performance. Primarily in ranked games, you should know where and who to play. Mastering a few champions will most likely help you raise your win rate as you start learning match-ups, trading windows or just knowing how to adjust your build. Once you have mastered these things – and please try them out in normal games – your play will reach a new level. Communication You and your team have one common objective: winning the game. No one wants to lose their ranked games and fail their promotions. Remember communication is key so using pings and chat is essential. The four ping commands are: “Danger”, “Enemy Missing”, “Assist Me,” and “On My Way”. These pings are important because they help your teammates know where enemies are, when an enemy is missing from their lane, enemy cooldowns or your own cool downs, if you need assistance in your lane or if you’re on your way to help. Not using pings gives your enemy team an advantage against yours because it lets them execute their plays. Chat also works if a ping can’t provide what information you’re trying to convey. For example, when an enemy Flashes you can write the exact time they did so when your jungler ganks they don’t have to worry about the enemies flash. Timers are important to keep track of because they aid in ganks and going for objectives such as Baron and Dragon. Objectives There’s more to Summoners Rift than winning your lane. Look around the map, there’s Rift Herald, Dragons, Baron and Buffs. Getting objectives in the game can give your team a huge lead which may even help your lane. The reason certain objectives are crucial are because they raise your team's stats as a whole giving you an advantage over the enemy team. Dragon has evolved over the years in League of Legends but in the current state of League there are four different dragons: Cloud, Infernal, Mountainous, and Ocean Rift. Once a team obtains four dragons before the other does, an additional dragon soul buff is granted to that team. It is important you help your team obtain this buff or prevent the other team from gaining it because each one gives a team an enormous advantage. Each dragon soul has a unique buff it gives a team: Infernal gives massive damage, Cloud gives speed, Mountain gives a shield, and Ocean gives hp regen in combat. After a team kills their fourth dragon to grant them the soul, every dragon from then on will be an Elder Dragon. The team that kills the elder dragon will get a buff that will execute any enemy below 20% if they take any player damage, it's insanely powerful. Aside from dragons there is Rift Heralds and Baron Nashor, which both spawn in the same pit. Rift Herald now spawns twice and upon killing this monster it drops the Eye of the Herald which spawns Rift Herald--but this time for the team that killed it! Once this is spawned it will automatically push down the closest lane which can help your team with their objectives and gain your team more gold. Baron Nashor spawns exactly 20 minutes into the game and if you’re able to take it down then it grants bonus attack damage, ability power, empowered recall and minion strength if you’re standing near them. I think you get the idea of why objectives are important now, these buffs are crucial and gives whoever obtains them a huge advantage. It is always important to know when to go for them and keep them in mind no matter what role you play. For example, keep the Baron Pit warded when you can because this gives vision on whether or not the enemy team is doing it or not. Also knowing when to go for objectives is important, if their jungler is down and half their team is bottom side (far from Baron) but your jungler is up, make a call and go to Baron. Eventually, you’ll know when it's a smart time to go and when it’s not. There are other small objectives such as Red or Blue Buff, which are still pretty important and can be stolen from the enemy team. If your buff does end up getting stolen remember to ward it because the enemy team now has a timer on it to know when it's up every time. Don't give up if you've lost any of these objectives once, it's not the end because they respawn multiple times over the course of a game. Just remember to play the game slowly and farm up if you do end up an objective such as Baron. It is a huge disadvantage to your team to fight the enemy team when they have certain buffs over yours. Take breaks As I already addressed many players like to invest lots of time into the game, eventually there has to be an improvement, right? Well, sadly, things are not always that easy, especially when it comes to fixing certain mechanics. At some point, our brain will auto-pilot, meaning we are unable to play with peak concentration or reaction time. Therefore it is absolutely crucial to take breaks from time to time – and by that, I do not mean playing Jump King or watching Synapse. Go for a walk, listen to relaxing music. Whatever it is, isolate yourself from stress before heading into the next rounds. We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you Climbing Solo Queue. We hope you enjoyed this guide to Climbing Solo Queue or beginners. Did you find a League of Legends champion that fits your play style or want Buy LoL Account , click https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts
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