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Found 15 results

  1. Trading gold. These are my rates. Dreamscape - Runescape 1 Quadrillion for 20 million gp RS3 1 Quadrillion for 5 million gp OSRS PM if interested
  2. 50B+ in stock, Pm me with your rates and skype if interested.
  3. Was wondering, what's PKH GP Worth? or even a maxed account? (In osrs or rs3 gp please.)
  4. Hey I am looking to buy Pkhonor gold for 07 we can discuss rates there Skype: live:backgroundman12 Terms: -You must not be a server staff member! -I only buy via 07 -rates discussed on skype
  5. Please read for full account information! Yea. I did lower price from $75 to $50 :) (I wont go lower because Iam never in a hurry ) Hey guys. Iam selling all my runescape accounts. Recently sold another account and one RS3 account. Now it's time to sell this bossing / pking account. I used it mainly for pking but I also have used it for KBD killing. I have completed alot of quests. I will create and link a quest list. ( It's a list of all my quests in one album. The account has never been banned or warned at all. It's not muted or has never been. Took me a long while to train these stats, but since I don't play I just want to get it sold.But as always Iam not in a hurry. Noticable quests: Animal mag Anyways here is the quest list. : http://imgur.com/a/dBe0L Here is it's stats and combat level incase you missed them : http://imgur.com/a/dwuMn There is no current bank pin. Questions? PM ME :)
  6. I am currently selling Dreamscape gold. Payment Options PayPalRunescape 2007 Gold (osrs)Ikov GoldPkhonor Gold RATES $1 PayPal - 5trillion Dreamscape1m osrs gp - 8trillion Dreamscape1b Ikov gp - 8 trillion Dreamscape1b Pkhonor - 2 trillion Dreamscape STOCK 500T Contact Me Skype - live:swiftgold If you have any questions concerning whether I am legit or not. I have vouches via Sythe and also used to have a good amount of vouches on Parabot before the website was revamped. Only contact me if you are a serious buyer with intentions on making an offer. I am willing to negotiate prices. If Needed We Will Be Using A Trusted Parabot Middleman Of My Choice.
  7. hey guys, i want to buy 20m 07 worth of pkhonor gold let me know in a comment for your skype or pm me. will be using mm unless you've got alot of vouches. thank you.
  8. WILL NEVER ADD YOU! THIS IS TO PREVENT IMPOSTERS! Add me on Skype, or shoot me a PM to discuss pricing. My Skype button can be found at the bottom of this post. Current stock [96K Tokens] Payment methods: • OSRS GP • PayPal (Trusted users only) ~Terms Of Service~ When trading with me you agree to the following: • You will not chargeback • You are no staff of Near Reality • All transactions can be recorded • I can request additional verifications for PayPal transactions. • I can decline a trade at any time. A full refund will be given if I do. ~Skype~
  9. hawk


  10. pluxey

    Selling my osrs pure

    Today I am selling my oldschool runescape account. It is a pure, message me on Skype or email me at [email protected] Skype: hmt-dexhosyer I am selling this account for 20$. I am the original owner. I will give you the email with the account. Pictures will be posted when i get home at 1 pm central time. Levels: http://gyazo.com/ba5b95542855a91d7dcf1f8560ef60ef
  11. Selling two of my pures on OSRS. None have any relevant wealth worth noting. Will accept either paypal or ikov gold for them. A PC of peoples opinions would be appreciated, all offeres tasken into account. Pm me for my Skype with the offer attatched. MM to be used unless discussed otherwise. First Account 62 Combat 1 Defence Pure. Quests Completed: Desert treasure, Lost City, Animal magnetism, RFD (Mith gloves), all sub quests for MM. No black marks. No members. No security device. Email address will go with the account. Second Account 29 Combat Nearly a obby mauler, all the stats seen in pic. This has literally been trained in strength and magic that is it. No members or any security is on this account. Email address will be sold with the account.
  12. Selling 5 billion Alotic Gold. {ACCEPTING THESE METHODS OF PAYMENT} PayPal/07 Gold RATES: 200m Alotic - 1m 07 200m Alotic - 1.75$ PayPal ADD MY SKYPE: live:swiftgold (I AM WILLING TO DO IN SMALL INCREMENTS)
  13. Selling for 1$ per 1 trillion. PayPal/Amazon. Swapping for rs3/07 gold. Conversion Rate: 1m07=4T ---- 10mrs3=4T Will also swap for gold on these servers. PkhonorAloticIkov Current Stock: 275T SKYPE: sneaky.savage PS. The more you buy the cheaper it gets. Get it while it lasts! (WE WILL BE USING A MIDDLEMAN)
  14. Selling for 2$ per 1 trillion. I will swap DS gold for gold on the following servers. runescape 2007 (OSRS)ikovaloticpkhonorsoulsplitCurrent Stock: 500T Add my skype: sneaky.savage PS. The more you buy the cheaper it gets. Get it while it lasts!
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