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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I'm new here i have been playing Dreamscape and already tried parabot but is out dated but inside dreamscape was one guy the parabot still working with older version in that case was the parabot 2.5.2 but i can't find that anywhere that version anymore i just find the more recent and i want to know is there is some way to download the older version to tes if dreamscape works in the older versio, basically the guy told me all i need to do is put the .dscache inside the same folder as the parabot file.
  2. Dear lovely users, It's another day for a Parabot release, this time V2.6.4! This is basically a minor version update, whereas we've added notifications, fixed issues with Dreamscape and some other minor changes. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've release: Parabot V2.6.4 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  3. There are 2 possible causes: 1. You have 32-bit java installed; 2. Java ran out of memory space (this is usually caused by the above-mentioned problem). How to analyze the problem: Windows: Step 1: Open a new command prompt (cmd) Step 2: In this window type "java -version" and press enter Step 3: Analyze the output If it contains the words "32-bit" anywhere in this message it means you have 32-bit java installed. Mac: Step 1: Open a new terminal window Step 2: In this window type "java -version" and press enter Step 3: Analyze the output If it contains the words "32-bit" anywhere in this message it means you have 32-bit java installed. How to fix the problem: If you have 32-bit java installed, install 64-bit java 8 which can be found here or by googling "java JRE". MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE 64-BIT VERSION. What if this message does not contain "32-bit" but it does contain "64-bit"? This means your active java installation is 64-bit which is correct. If the client still crashes for you it means you will need to allocate more memory to the parabot client. This guide is quite compact at the moment, I will add more in-depth explanations depending on community feedback. So all feedback is welcome!
  4. How do I actually set the bot up for specific servers that aren't shown on the default interface? (BTS, Dreamscape...etc) Looking to play OS-Unity and buy the zulrah slayer script.
  5. Hello, We've added a tutorial on how to send notifications with your script. You can find this here. If any questions, send us a message on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  6. Hello everyone, Today we're releasing a new version of Parabot! This time it's version 2.6.3. This is basically a minor version update, whereas we've updated a lot regarding the security system of Parabot, which is used to avoid bans on Elkoy. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've release: Parabot V2.6.3 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  7. Dear all, Today we're releasing the first beta of Elkoy. This beta includes an unstable version of Elkoy, might having some trouble with bans and stuff. What does this mean? Well, don't bot on your main account and avoid botting on your IP, simply use a VPN or a proxy. We don't have a lot of ban reports, although botting on thieving gets you banned quite fast, either due to mods checking on your or due to some other system. Please report any ban or error, both with all information you have (location, stacktrace, what were you doing etc). Thanks for you support! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  8. Hello all, Today we're back with a new list of updates to improve the Runescape Private Server Bot. As we've moved our documentation to Confluence, we'll only link the update files here and let you know there's a new update. Would you like to get notified instant about new updates, join our Slack! In this update we've released: Parabot V2.6.2 317 API Minified V1.202 Randoms V0.22 Please see the links for the changelog of each type. You can download the latest release here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  9. Dear Members of Parabot, This will relatively be a long post, if you want a TL;DR, read the end of this post. You might have seen all the latest updates of Parabot to have a secure client for Ikov. Today changes will be made into those actions. Ikov has been putting the most sketchy stuff in their client since I've started Parabot - and believe me, I've seen weird things... All these actions of Ikov have been blocked by us, making Ikov a safe client to use. Yes you heard that correctly, we're adjusting Parabot to make Ikov safe. Not safe to bot, but safe to use in general... In the past few months, Ikov has been putting stuff like screenshot functionalities, clipboard copy and loading (basically viruses) jars within their client from out of their cache or any other method. Parabot is now basically adjusting their client to provide users a safe way to use Ikov. All those past updates took so much time, we had to limit our own personal lives and put more time into these issues. To make it more clear, this is the process we had to do: De-obfuscate the whole Ikov clientGather all locations Ikov reads and writes to and keep track of themGo to every class and their work-process to find all the sketchy stuffEither get rid of the sketchy stuff or add it to our own sandbox systemTest the new systemDeploy and publish the new client with adjustmentsAs you might see, this takes an insane amount of time for us to do, whereas we basically don't have this time... So what is gonna happen? As Parabot is a client to provide the ability to bot on servers and not a client to block things like viruses from servers, we decided to focus on the botting ability and not the safety of a certain server. Ikov seems to be botting-worth server due their amount of players, but after some research we figured that out of their 502 online players (as of 18 oct. 14:45), 338 players are basically botters. A basic calculation will result into "502 - 338 = 164 legit Ikov players". TL;DR Starts here Parabot will be focussing on new upcoming servers and more functionality in the client itself. This doesn't mean that Ikov will be removed from our list of servers, but we will only push out updates for new client and not focus on their banning method. We do not focus on their method anymore, as we keep finding other "sketchy" things, we then also have to block. New servers will come out as Parabot moves on in the following weeks, whereas we take a good look at the suggestions of our users and the popular (fake, vote-botted) site RuneLocus. What else is going behind the scenes of Parabot? - Parabot is currently focussing on more abilities within the API, this will include a new BDN (V3), whereas the base can also be found on GitHub (this is still in the Slim Framework, will be ported to Symfony ASAP). - We're also working on a new two-factor authentication system that will work smoother than ever and is also bonded within the community website. - The rollout of our Maven system is going very smooth and better than we expected. Unfortunately not all script writers are using this yet, which causes that some scripts on the BDN are not visible in the script selector. Please ask them to port their script to Maven instead of having them blaming Parabot. - To provide a better local working place, we're also introducing a new system to run local servers. This makes it so easy that you just have to place a hook file, a settings file and the server jar into your local environment and you're good to go! - Our GitHub was always a bit messy, we never had multiple branches and we didn't push out a lot of updates to our GitHub. This changes as of today, we're now focussing on a better overview of our repositories and making it easier for others to read the source of Parabot. A part of this change is the commit guidelines for Parabot, which can be found in the tutorials section of the development section within this forums. - A new beautiful, new user interface for Parabot, together with Fryslan. That's basically it, Parabot is still going as you can see - but due the lack of time we had with Ikov, updates seemed to be slowly. These changes should create a difference in that. Feel free to ask anything or provide suggestions. Sincerely, The Parabot team
  10. Dear lovely Parabot members, First of all an insane thank you for your on-going support with Parabot, I appreciate all the way you keep Parabot and her community alive! Today I'm here with some great news about server updates, but also about the compensation for the people who paid for almost nothing, The Updates: Runique fixed!! Dreamscape added and updated PkHonor updated Near-Reality updated Crandor added All these servers will work once you've cleared your cache folder. Only Runique is VIP(+) only. The Compensation: Well it was a hard time believing Runique didn't work, right. We're sincerely sorry for that and apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you. As we're a company relying on our open-source and not anything directly related to something commercial, we believe that everyone who had issues during the period may receive a month of VIP again. So anyone who had a VIP rank from 1st of march until now (21st of April) may receive another month of VIP for free, if they haven't chargedback the money! If you're one of those, simply send me a private message with the following information: Username All billing information from the selected payment provider (screenshot from the payment of PayPal, including the payment ID for example) Email used for payment If any questions left, please get in contact with one of the administrators and we'll try to help you as soon as possible. As usual, thanks for your support, feedback and response! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  11. Dear Parabot members, We're pleased to let you know we've pushed out a new update of Parabot, with a lot of new functionalities, bug fixes and other improvements. The update contains the following major changes: [FEATURES] - Added new layout for Parabot login - Added new nightly build system - Added new font to Parabot - Added ability to search for fields within the reflection UI - Added collapse/expand button within the reflection UI - Added ability to set your output format for action debugging (either default or script writer mode) [BUGFIXES] - Fixed null pointer within Inventory#getCount If you want to see a full list of changes, mainly refer to our issues list. A special thanks to @SmugPork, @EmmaStone and @fryslan for this release. You can download the version 2.5 here. Sincerely, The Parabot team
  12. Dear Parabot members, We're back at it again with the white van.. Runique! Simply clear your cache by either removing the contents of C:/Users/YOU/Documents/Parabot/Cache or starting Parabot with the -clearcache argument. Enjoy botting Runique again! Special thanks to @fryslan, for fixing an issue related to the inventory. Do note: Runique is only for VIP(+) members, which means you need at least VIP to see and bot Runique. Go to here to buy VIP rank, or any higher rank and support Parabot its development! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  13. https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/15518-%E2%9C%AFsysm%E2%9C%AF-gold-shop-%E2%9C%AFoldschool-07%E2%9C%AFdeadman%E2%9C%AF/-
  14. Articulia

    Freezing Full Screen

    Heya, when I first logged in it worked, but then I tried to make it full screen, and it froze, and it hasn't been letting me log in since. It keeps freezing after I enter my username and password and pressing log in. And it opens a separate tab, so I think it's trying to enter the game in full screen mode which might be why it's freezing every time. Any suggestions?
  15. 1 Colophon 1.1 Document Title: Git Commit Guidelines Author: JKetelaar 1.2 Reason The reason of this document is the nature of developers. We as developers are lazy people and like to commit our changes to the world without providing a lot of information about the information. This document is the new regulation of commits to the Parabot organisation Github. In other words, everyone who would like to commit to the official Parabot related repositories, should use these guidelines. 2 Language All commit messages should be written in correct English. The use of abbreviations is not allowed as this can be confusing to developers who are not well known with a project. 3 Structure of a commit message The commit message determines the nature of your commit. Based on the message it should be clear what the change is. Especially the subject of the message should be short and clear. The subject is matched against a regular expression for validation. This means that a commit message must start with a **tag** (sometimes more), followed by a ***space** and a short **description** which should start with an uppercase letter. There are a couple predefined keywords which can be used as tag, surrounded by brackets: [CONFIG] [FEATURE] [BUGFIX] [CLEANUP] [TASK] Prefixing your change with this tag, will mark it as being breaking. In case you add a breaking change, add proper description and describe what may break and why. This way you will let other developers know what to expect. All lines should be limited to 80 characters. When adding a detailed description don't continue inside the summary, but start a new sentence. 4 Tags When choosing a tag, you can use the following guidelines. [CONFIG] When a change is mainly a configuration change. For example change credentials of the database, or configure an extension. [FEATURE] When implementing a new feature, like a new extension, or new functionality. This can also apply to new CSS or new styling. [BUGFIX] When you changed code to fix a bug. This can also be a change in CSS. [CLEANUP] When cleaning up the project, like removing temporary files, removing obsolete code, modifying the .gitignore, etc. [TASK] Other issues which do not fit in the previous mentioned tags. Updating an extension is an example of a task. 5 Integration When referring to an issue, enter the following at the end of the commit message. Preceded by an empty line. Resolves #123. In which a # is a reference to the issue ID. 6 Examples 6.1 Example of a bug fix resolving an issue [BUGFIX] Fixed date format bug A bug where the date was displayed in an incorrect format. Resolves: #123 6.2 Example a feature with breaking changes [FEATURE] Change service level API for feature X Feature X has been implemented for the service level API. 6.3 Example of a task [TASK] Updated extension X Updated extension X from version 1.4 to 1.5.1 6.4 Example of a cleanup [CLEANUP] Removed unused extension Y Removed extension Y, is it is obsolete.
  16. Hello, This is a quick release to resolve the issues people had with reflection. All of these should be resolved now, if not - please leave a stack-trace below. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  17. Hello users, You might have noticed the previous updates on Parabot, without an update log. This has to do with our automated system. Before it took us about an hour to release a whole new bot version. This had to do with the following processes Uploading to GithubUploading to own serverAdjusting last update timestampAdjusting version controlAdjusting md5 hashPerforming last checksWe decided to simplify this process and now use Maven. Maven is a tool that helps in Java development. Our Maven process might look complicated, but it helps us releasing a new version within five minutes. This process uploads a new version to the BDN, uploads it to Github and performs all changes we had to make before. Our next step is to create a loader with a build-in change-log block. In this way you get notified about updates and know what has changed. Though this does mean that only the important versions get a change-log on the forums. I hope this clears up a lot of the questions some of you guys had. If you still have a question, feel free to ask! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  18. We've updated the ikov provider to support their latest client. But be aware of their sketchy steps, as some of their classes make no sense and they used to have the intense to see all of your screens at any moment. This could be seen as a RAT. We do not support such actions from Ikov but there's not a lot we can do for now. We're investigating their client and try to remove the sketchy parts they have, stay safe. Next to the Ikov update, we've also implemented the new feedback system, this allows users to leave a feedback after a trade so that other users can base trust on such feedback. Enjoy! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  19. Hello lovely users, Today we're pushing out the updates we've been working on. What does this include, you might ask, well here's our changelog: - PBPreferences added - PBPreferences#updateSettings - PBPreferences#adjustSettings - PBPreferences#getSetting - PBPreferences#removeSetting - PBPreferences#addSetting - Script#getPreferences added - Debugging messages - Debugging near players - Debugging ordered on alphabet - Logger improved (error still occurs) - Added debug client view for inventory Item ids will now show up in the client instead of the in the console - Improved algorithm for checking a valid version of Parabot - Added certain methods to WebUtil to improve the stability and make life easier - Login random has been fixed - Game#dropClient added - Random solver to relog the user when the client detected a fail in packets - Improved logging in - Improved security on logging in - Interfaces added - Interfaces#clickOption - PKHonor updated As you can see, we haven't idle in our vacation! You can download the latest version here. Next to that, we've some great plans coming up for Parabot. - A totally refreshed BDN (BDN-V3) - BDN V3 open-source web API - BDN page to compile your scripts yourself (without any hassle) - Improved approach to interact with objects, items and players/npcsI hope you guys are tuned in for these updates. Feel free to ask any question or provide feedback. Thanks in regards. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  20. Hello everyone, As you might know, Parabot takes security as their highest concern and tries to improve their security with each day. Today we're coming with a major function that allows you login with two factor authentication. What is two factor authentication? It's fairly simple, instead of just filling in your password you also have to fill in a every-30-seconds-generated code. This code could be saved somewhere in a password vault or on your mobile. Where can I get apps for two factor authentication? The best mobile app would probably be either Authy or Google Authenticator. For the computers, I would recommend to have 1Password whereas you can also save all of your passwords! Even though I would not recommend to get an application that also works on your computer, just be safe and only use apps that are mobile only (hackers are not able to get into your mobile, most likely) Do I need to put in my two factor code every time I login? Short answer, no. If you've put your two factor code within the past 30 days, you will not have to worry about that. We detect your PC and allow a direct connection without requesting such a code. Where can I enable two factor authentication? As you might know, we have an account page. Now there's a new row to enable this, simply click the disabled link and it will confirm if you want it enabled. Once you've confirmed so, it will show a code. This code is used to fill in on your two factor authentication application. This code will only be shown once and cannot be gathered again. Can I disable it? Yes you can, for now you have to contact an administrator but in the near future we're planning to have this automated too. You can also request an administrator to remove your code so that it clears all devices that are allowed to login. Feel free to ask any question! Sincerely, The Parabot support team
  21. Hello all, Today we're releasing a new version of the bot, new improvements of the randoms and extra functions in the API. Here's a full change log: - Fix at Network nulling - Added Option#SMELT and Option#MINE - Fixed issue that caused SceneObjects above plane 0 to null - Fixed issue caused to use old interaction method - Added random that let's the bot to relog - Added Prayer functions into the API About the re-log Some script writers would not like the new system of relogging, which is why we have to think of a solution for this. If you want, we we recommend for now to disable the random in your script, by Context.getInstance().getRandomHandler().clearActiveRandoms(); for (Random random : Context.getInstance().getRandomHandler().getRandoms()){ if (!random.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("login")){ Context.getInstance().getRandomHandler().addRandom(random); } }You can download the bot here. If you want to have the latest randoms, simply clear the contents in the Parabot cache folder /users/you/documents/parabot/cacheFeel free to ask any question. Sincerely, The Parabot support team
  22. Hello everyone, We've updated Parabot with some tweaks to support the latest client of Ikov. You can grab the latest client here. If it doesn't load correctly, please go to C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\Documents\Parabot\cache and clear the contents. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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