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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, With the rsps community spinning up a little for the first time in a while, I'm happy to see some traffic returning to Parabot! With that said, DreamScape is a semi-custom server that has a reasonable player base - and most importantly it's a Bot-Legal server, that additionally allows the discussion and recommendation of scripts in game! I was thinking that it would be mutually beneficial for the coders of Parabot, if they had the extra time to put together a couple of quality of life scripts for the DS community. I believe that if additional content were released for the general player base, regardless of the theme of the bot, it would generate some welcome traffic to and around the Parabot site. Finally, we all know that no person ever play's just one rsps. They tend to seek out the server that fits them best. That paired with Parabot's wide variety of offered server support and varied content, I believe would generate a ripple effect that would be both observable and measurable in the traffic, and "free advertising," of this site. Potential DreamScape scripts: A revitalized WoodCutter A Fletching Script A Firemaking Script (old style firemaking used in dreamscape, the tinderbox must be clicked and used on every log in the inventory) *A Crafting Script (options to buy, cut, bank - or with draw from bank, cut, and repeat would be beneficial) *A Mining Script (entire mining area is included in one room with an available banker in the center) A Smithing Script A Fishing Script (one that supports donator commands would be beneficial) A Cooking Script (one that supports donator commands would be beneficial) *A Summoning Script (This skill is all included in one area after the player has gathered enough charms. All shops, monolith, and a banker are with in 15 tiles of each other, and visible onscreen at all times) The scripts marked with an, "*," are scripts that I have personally heard multiple members of the DS community ask for, that I believe would be the most popular as a result. Excluded skills from the list currently have working scripts for, or are easily trainable in game without any outside assistance. Should any of the programmers or support staff require accounts that meet specific parameters for testing or utilization in the creation process please feel free to contact me and I'll get you set up with an account that meets your needs.
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