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Found 2 results

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  2. This week RS team announced the release of Mod Stu’s Miniquest List, here comes some changes of its details ,at the same time,RS3gold also gives us a big easter event with up to $10 voucher for buy rs gold now. Miniquest List From now on, miniquests like the infamous Bar Crawl and the thrilling Fremennik Sagas will appear in their very own section of the quest list. They won’t have detailed quest journals, but they will each have their own overview screen which should make it easier than ever to track your objectives and remind yourself what to do next. Upon completion of any miniquest, a certificate will appear on screen just like at the end of any regular quest showing the rewards you’ve earned. Tick boxes have been added to the quest tab so that it’s possible to hide regular quests from the list – or, if you decide you’re fed up of miniquests for now, you can hide those too. The entire list of miniquests is below. How many will you complete? Fremennik Sagas: Three’s Company Vengeance Nadir Thok It To ‘Em Thok Your Block Off Tales: Tales of the Arc Tales of the God Wars Tales of Nomad Miniquests: Sheep Shearer Witch’s Potion Abyss Bar Crawl Benedict’s World Tour The Curse of Zaros Desert Slayer Dungeon Doric & Boric tasks The General’s Shadow Hopespear’s Will Hunt for Surok Koschei’s Troubles Mahjarrat Memories The Lair of Tarn Razorlor The Lost Toys In Memory of the Myreque Purple Cat Rebuilding Edgeville One Foot in the Grave Thieves’ Guild Capers Wandering Ga’al RS3gold Easter biggest promotion It is certain that RS3gold gives us the very great deal for getting rs 3 gold with up to $10 cash coupon, it is no doubt that you can save a lot of money, by using this code, don't forget to buy rs gold on RS3gold!
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