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Found 13 results

  1. Lord


    Lord Killing Hey everyone, This is a very simple script it will kill any NPC. (will make this thread pretty at a later date) Features: Eating (Just add Food ID) Custom NPC (Add the NPC ID) Changeable Eating HP Set UP: Eating: Use Parabot debug tool, Go to debug -> Inventory, This will show the inventory id's simply add the number you see over the Food Item. NPC: Using the same debug tool click debug -> NPC, Now in the CMD you will see a list of the npcs you have around you. HP: YOU MUST CHANGE TO 10X HP once you changed your setting to show HP in the hundreds then you may type a number 700 as an example. This script will not bank and replace food so please be aware of this! I would like to give a massive thank you to @TheySeeMe for all of his help. Without him this script would not be a think he helped with endless testing and made the paint! (If its ugly complain to him ;)) But really thank you for all your kind work sir <3
  2. Hello everyone, Here's a "quick" update about the latest server updates: Runique has been fixed and updated Ikov-2 has been added PKHonor has been fixed Near-Reality has been updated Grinderscape has been updated Soulsplit has been updated Zamorak has been updated Os-Scape ready to be added, soon™ Open hooks For now the servers are in "beta", this means a few issues could occur. This could either be because of missing hooks, incorrect hooks or code that needs to be updated. So please provide us with as much as information you can, to take the servers out of their beta stage. Make sure you clear your cache before running any server. Sincerely, The Parabot team
  3. Dear lovely Parabot members, First of all an insane thank you for your on-going support with Parabot, I appreciate all the way you keep Parabot and her community alive! Today I'm here with some great news about server updates, but also about the compensation for the people who paid for almost nothing, The Updates: Runique fixed!! Dreamscape added and updated PkHonor updated Near-Reality updated Crandor added All these servers will work once you've cleared your cache folder. Only Runique is VIP(+) only. The Compensation: Well it was a hard time believing Runique didn't work, right. We're sincerely sorry for that and apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you. As we're a company relying on our open-source and not anything directly related to something commercial, we believe that everyone who had issues during the period may receive a month of VIP again. So anyone who had a VIP rank from 1st of march until now (21st of April) may receive another month of VIP for free, if they haven't chargedback the money! If you're one of those, simply send me a private message with the following information: Username All billing information from the selected payment provider (screenshot from the payment of PayPal, including the payment ID for example) Email used for payment If any questions left, please get in contact with one of the administrators and we'll try to help you as soon as possible. As usual, thanks for your support, feedback and response! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  4. Dear Parabot members, We've updated the following servers within our bot: Runique Crandor PkHonor Notices: Some hooks might still be missing, so please report any (errors) if found. Crandor still has an issue with verifying the jar, please use the -noverify option for that as explained here. Thanks for your support! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  5. I am an avid player on Runique and a programmer fluid in the Java language. I was wondering when/if the Runique server will be supported again. I am very interested in purchasing VIP to both play with and create scripts for Runique. Could anyone reply with an estimate on when/if this will happen. Thank you!
  6. soooo ... Am i getting a compensation or not? (i'm one of the people that bought parabot for runique and haven't been able to use it yet, pretty much a 10$ waste)
  7. Hello, So it's finally time to announce to you guys, we've potentially fixed Runique for every operating system! A few days ago we fixed Runique on Windows, our next step was to do the same for the other operating systems. As far as we know, there are no bugs that disable you from botting on the Runique server. There is a bug that causes the mouse to click incorrectly, you'll just have to move the mouse a bit up to get the correct location Some might experience issues with running Runique, simply follow http://take.ms/NYjrO on how to open Runique correctly. You basically don't close the first GUI, as that needs to be open - it gets rid of that gui when you login anyways. Do note, Runique is VIP(+) only - so get your rank here! Now we've also released a new version of Parabot, version 2.5.4; - [BUGFIX] Solved issues with clients that don't have a webclient - [CLEANUP] Added debug for local servers - [BUGFIX] Solved an issue that causes JavaFX not to be parsed correctly Download the latest Parabot version here! Enjoy this version! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  8. Dear Parabot members, We're back at it again with the white van.. Runique! Simply clear your cache by either removing the contents of C:/Users/YOU/Documents/Parabot/Cache or starting Parabot with the -clearcache argument. Enjoy botting Runique again! Special thanks to @fryslan, for fixing an issue related to the inventory. Do note: Runique is only for VIP(+) members, which means you need at least VIP to see and bot Runique. Go to here to buy VIP rank, or any higher rank and support Parabot its development! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  9. Looking for a magic log wood cutting script ~~~~WILL PAY~~~~ i'd like it to Cut magic logs, teleport to market, bank the logs and then teleport back cutting magic logs again. Extra support; Keeps axe\hatchet in inventory Basic anti-ban [ camera movement ] Supports chicken random [ Runs away ] Basic gui [ shows how many logs i've cut and the XP given ] i will in fact pay for the script and am willing to negotiate a price. feel free to PM me on forums or reply on topic if interested. i'd like to be private as well, thank you. -TestDrive6
  10. Hello everyone, This is a quick update about Runique. Some were facing cache issues, which causes that players still weren't visible. We've solved this as of now and can be fixed by simply clearing your cache folder once more. When the client starts, simply hit "Play anyway" and enjoy the freedom of botting! Once the server has been selected, two screens will popup. Please do not close any of these, as one of them hides after logging in. Thanks for your patience! Sincerely, The Parabot team
  11. Hey all, I'm new to programming bots. I wrote my first bot today. It's a runique thieving bot and it's pretty efficient and optimized, except for 1 issue i cannot seem to fix. Runique seems to continuously open the bank, at unexplainable moments, as my bot is not opening the bank at all... If someone on this forum has already fixed an issue simular to this, please contact me, my skype is pinnekeshaar too. If this issue would be fixed, I would love to upload my file for to a bot client. But I cannot seem to find where. Hope to hear soon, Pinne
  12. Willing to pay for a moneymaker script on Runique. Will be looking mainly for: - Dragon Killer (Banking assist) - Donation Manipulator (Takes advantage of ::dzone command for profit) - Anything profitable If anyone has any information about scripting on Runique, please feel free to leave a comment down, or either message me on the forums, or request to talk on skype, etc. Thanks!
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