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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Parabot! I would like to introduce my Zulrah script for OSUnity! Zulrah slayer allows you to grind zulrah with ease. I've completed and test ran this script for 24+ hours. Very stable. To perfect this script or to ask questions about my scripts, please report all problems and suggestions through slack! I will keep this thread updated. I do not recommend botting any scripts while afk. Get the script on BDN here! Price: $1.99 Features -Welfare gear compatible -Uses shark as food -Carries 2 prayer potions at a time -Drinks prayer potion at a prayer level of 50 -Login handling -Death handling -Prayer handling -Looting -Teleport handling -Ring of recoil support Future updates -Staff handling -Weapon special attack -Anti-poison potions -Quick fixes -New paint -More food types -Features by players -More to come -More prayer support -Gui Instructions: -Have a prayer level of 43 -Have restores & sharks visible in bank tab & enough to last -Start at home -Start script FAQ: Q: How well does the script work with welfare gear?
 A: I've ran the script in total for 24+ hours with black d'hide and 80 range. Although it took 3 minutes for each kill. It still does a great job.
 Q: Will this thread and script be updated frequently? A: I take a lot of pride in the script, many ideas to come and will put a lot of updates and fixes as quick as possible from any players. Q: Will there be any new additions to the script? A: I have many ideas that will make the script more efficient and fun for the players! Q: Can you make money with this script? A: Absolutely! All of zulrahs drops are great. Just alone with the dragon bones can make you 20m+ not including herbs, ores and rare drops! Q: Why is it a paid script? A: Putting a price tag helps me, and buyers of the script from getting crowded with other botters with the same script. -More FAQ to come More Information: There is no gui for the script currently. It brings 2 prayer potions, a recoil, and rest of the inventory with sharks. The script detects all of the zulrahs phases, and switches the prayer according to each phase. If your recoil breaks mid run, the script automatically detects that and puts on the extra recoil in the inventory, than restock on the recoils. If the script has more than 15 shark, a full restore, and equipped recoil, the script will do another run before banking. The script will teleport if it has no more food or prayer potions. The script will stop if you die, run out of food/prayer, or ran out of arrows.
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