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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, As you might have noticed, Parabot was detectable on Ikov. Simply download the latest client and you're good to go! Enjoy! Sincerely,
  2. So I was trying to find out their commands, and look what we have here if (string3.equals(":s1:")) { com.ikovps.client.util.k.i(true); }So that calls the following method public static void i(boolean paramBoolean) { if ((cd) && (!paramBoolean)) return; com.ikovps.client.g.b.b(new l(paramBoolean)); }Which calls this public final void execute() { if (!this.ce) { GameWindow.a().requestFocus(); GameWindow.a().a().setText("Capturing..."); GameWindow.a().a().setEnabled(false); k.cd = true; try { Thread.sleep(500L); } catch (InterruptedException localInterruptedException) { (localObject1 = localInterruptedException).printStackTrace(); } } Object localObject1 = com.ikovps.client.a.a("sc.dat"); localObject1 = new com.ikovps.client.l((byte[])localObject1); try { Object localObject2 = (localObject1 = ((com.ikovps.client.l)localObject1).loadClass("sc.util")).newInstance(); ((Class)localObject1).getDeclaredMethod("ex", new Class[] { Boolean.TYPE, Long.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Integer.TYPE, Long.TYPE }).invoke(localObject2, new Object[] { Boolean.valueOf(this.ce), Long.valueOf(q.a(com.ikovps.client.a.b())), Integer.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.c()), Integer.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.d()), Integer.valueOf(h.lt), Long.valueOf(com.ikovps.client.a.a) }); if (!this.ce) { b.b(new m(this)); return; } } catch (Exception localException) { (localObject1 = localException).printStackTrace(); } }So this actually does: new l(false).execute();Now they provide a false boolean on purpose, as this hides that the client is creating a screenshot (this.ce) public final void execute() { if (!this.ce)So without digging too deep and just thinking straight, this clearly makes a screenshot of your screen. This is some sketchy code when they can create a screenshot of your screen and see it without actions taken from you David told some of you that they aren't doing that anymore, but now with the worst developer Galkon, they are trying to hide this as much as possible. But hey, we wouldn't be Parabot if we just kept them enjoying it like this, would we? So we removed all of their sketchy code and the client is safe to go now, awesome! Simply restart Parabot and you're good to go. PS. Also removed their method so they can open meatspin at any time, sketchy ****... ;) PS2. For other developers, here's their other code they use to do strange things on your PC - https://gist.github.com/JKetelaar/17ab872a9c5886af80a5 Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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