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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape, The Server should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. Regards, The Parabot Team
  2. Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape. The Server update should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server or Features -> Clear Cache. Regards, The Parabot Team
  3. Hello Everyone, Thank you for being patient while we fixed the issue with Dreamscape. The Server update should now be live! Remember to clear cache! Parabot folder -> Cache (delete contents) reload server. (or Features -> Clear Cache) Regards, The Parabot Team
  4. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay in the update I have been busy with end of term exams. The update should now be live for Dreamscape making SoulPlay and Dreamscape the servers currently up to date. Regards, The Parabot Team
  5. Hi Everyone, The update should now be live for Dreamscape, Please make sure you clear cache. Regards, The Parabot Team
  6. every time i start up parabot it doesn't work with pkhonor, solutions? i always get the same message saying that the client updated but it just doesn't work.
  7. so I downloaded Parabot and been trying to use it but it seems not to be updated. I tried to version changed on BDN but nothing happened. also tried the hotfix from @random but it gave me the errors below. does anyone have a working hotfix or can fix this one? thanks so much. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Character.getX(Character.java:30) at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Character.getLocation(Character.java:66) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Calculations.distanceTo(Calculations.java:18) at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.Tile.distanceTo(Tile.java:82) at org.parabot.randoms.pkhonor.BobsIsland.activate(BobsIsland.java:30) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.randoms.RandomHandler.checkAndRun(RandomHandler.java:92) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script.run(Script.java:104) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  8. Lvl69Teemo

    PkHonor Updated

    I've tried running PKhonor and whenever I try to log in it says PKHonor has been updated restart your client (something along those lines) I've already tried using the version changer and it worked in the past. Has PKHonor been recently updated? I checked their website and the latest update was Oct 31st.
  9. The following is a topic posted on the PkHonor forums by Mike: So, Donderstone2 recently found a (pretty recent) OSRS client with all OSRS cache, items, maps and NPC's. This includes (but is not limited to): Zulrah (with animations and the map), Cerberus (+ cave), Callisto, Scorpia, Venenatis, Vet'ion, as well as Zeah, Saradomin's Blessed sword, the different wands, toxic blowpipe etc. etc.. The client has the capability to be either fullscreen, resizeable or have a fixed window size. Also: Pest Control with 3 boats, which we can use for different game modes (will come in handy with the upcoming release of elite void).This means we'll be using this new client instead of the one we've been using in the past years. It is based off the exact same client that our client is based off, so it's possible for us to merge the two. Our server with every single feature remains the same, character files will remain etc., but we'll need to convert several thousands of item ID's, NPC id's and object ID's (OSRS uses different ID's than ours, especially where NPC's and custom items are concerned). We'll also need to take every single feature from our client and integrate it into the new one (ancient prayer interface, ancient magicks with miasmic spells, bank tabs and a whole lot more). Will this mean awesome new features, or a massive pain in the ass? (If both, then kudos.)
  10. Okay, so before I get started with this mini-tutorial I want everyone to know that the original tutorial was indeed by @myturtles so if you would like to follow his easy step by step process you may find his thread located below: This tutorial was intended for users who had trouble getting PkHonor to work even after following his tutorial. Let us jump right into action, shall we? Firstly you will need a couple of things for this to work: Requirements: Java Developer Kit: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html (Java) Parabot Folder: Download (Parabot Contents) Winrar: http://www.win-rar.com/ (For Extracting) Now remember I assume that you have already followed @myturtles tutorial and done most of this already. Now in a brief summary my problem was the Parabot client wouldn't load the scripts and they would not appear anywhere. Sound familiar? Well this fix is so easy, you're going to feel as dumb as I did. Basically, you want to travel to your Parabot folder. Let us assume it's located on the Desktop. When you run your run.exe file you'll probably only get something similar to the following: Example 1: Now, the fix it quite freaking simple. All you do is move your folder into your documents! Example 2: I believe it was a small misconception because after you load Parabot while it is placed on the desktop it creates a similar directory in the Documents folder. So it loads the one in the documents by default. Please make sure all temporary and Parabot folders are deleted out of my documents before moving them. Also if you have any compiled scripts I advise you to replace them in the new downloaded folder before moving the file into your documents folder. Tip: Also If you are having trouble running the run.bat folder make sure your folder is named "Parabot.jar" Not Parabot.jar with the .jar extension making it "Parabot.jar.jar" Best of Luck and If you have any questions feel free to post them below!
  11. Ikov needs updating all my bots got banned all were using diffrend ip's and mac's so its deffo detectable!
  12. Hello lovely users, Today we're pushing out the updates we've been working on. What does this include, you might ask, well here's our changelog: - PBPreferences added - PBPreferences#updateSettings - PBPreferences#adjustSettings - PBPreferences#getSetting - PBPreferences#removeSetting - PBPreferences#addSetting - Script#getPreferences added - Debugging messages - Debugging near players - Debugging ordered on alphabet - Logger improved (error still occurs) - Added debug client view for inventory Item ids will now show up in the client instead of the in the console - Improved algorithm for checking a valid version of Parabot - Added certain methods to WebUtil to improve the stability and make life easier - Login random has been fixed - Game#dropClient added - Random solver to relog the user when the client detected a fail in packets - Improved logging in - Improved security on logging in - Interfaces added - Interfaces#clickOption - PKHonor updated As you can see, we haven't idle in our vacation! You can download the latest version here. Next to that, we've some great plans coming up for Parabot. - A totally refreshed BDN (BDN-V3) - BDN V3 open-source web API - BDN page to compile your scripts yourself (without any hassle) - Improved approach to interact with objects, items and players/npcsI hope you guys are tuned in for these updates. Feel free to ask any question or provide feedback. Thanks in regards. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  13. Hello everyone, We've updated Parabot with some tweaks to support the latest client of Ikov. You can grab the latest client here. If it doesn't load correctly, please go to C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\Documents\Parabot\cache and clear the contents. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  14. Hello, Sorry for the delay guys, but we got into a lot of issues with the new forums which were a bit more important. Nevertheless PkHonor is updated for Parabot and is bottable again, enjoy! A big thanks to @Scriptss for providing the hooks required to get PkHonor up. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
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