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[PKHonor] kPowerFisher [Release]

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Last Updated: 12/29/2014

Version: 1.0


You sick and tired of grinding on a RuneScape PRIVATE server to get 99 fishing? Simply want to achieve more exp to climb the leader boards, don't need the money to bank and looking just for EXP. Well then this is the script for you! :P


Features - 

Shrimp Power Fishing

Bass Power Fishing

Tuna Power Fishing

Lobster Power Fishing

Shark Power Fishing

Manta Power Fishing


EXP Tracking

Catch Tracking

Simple GUI

You can fish anywhere on the game, this script was designed at Catherby though. 


If you are going to use this script, please leave a comment whether you like the Script or not. It means a lot to me when I hear from you guys.



Progress Reports:


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Good job on the release! :) Sorry if i missed it but does this script work on any 317 server?


Only PKHonor, it wouldn't be hard to add to any 317 just have to change the way I drop things. 

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