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USCooker AIO Cooking script

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What this script does:

USCooker cooks any fish on UltimateScape 2 and banks them.


NOTE** Start the script in the cooking skill area with an empty inventory. (Start where you teleport when you select cooking from the skilling teleports.)


Known Bugs:

  • Walking to and from bank can be a little choppy at times. This is an issue with tilepaths on UltimateScape and cannot be fixed at this time.
  • Has a small chance of crashing if you are logged by the anti-afk at the same time it starts the animation.



  • Cooks any fish (including rocktails)
  • Banks the fish
  • Tracks fish cooked
  • Tracks levels gained
  • GUI
  • Attractive Paint


  • Fix any possible bugs. Please report if any found.


Coming soon! post your proggies!



Ark - Main Developer (Update and redesigned version for minified API)




V1.5: Updated GUI and tweaked script (3/21/2015)

V1.0: Initial release (3/19/2015)



Please post if you find any bugs or have something to suggest!

Edited by Ark

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V1.5: Update to cooking checks and new GUI.

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