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Win thousand of dollars while watching CS GO; Lol; Dota 2 games

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What is Vulcun?

Vulcun is a Fantasy league for League of Legends and other eSports. We offer the largest prize pools in the industry with both free and paid leagues. We formerly owned and ran Team Vulcun, a leading LOL eSports team in 2013. The company has received $13m in venture capital and is run by founders with a combined 30+ years of experience doing online products & services. To learn more, visit our https://vulcun.com/main/about page.

How does it work?

You create your own fantasy eSports team from a roster of pro players. If your team performs better than other teams, you win real cash prizes!

Can I play for Free?

Yes, we have some contests that are free to enter, but still pay out real money! Free games are a great way to learn how the system works and try it risk-free.


If you join with my referral link you'll recieve money to play for free and you'll recieve a 100% bonus in case you deposit real money to bet. That means that if you decide to deposit 30€ they will give you another 30€. 

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