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Os-Alianor - The nostalgia awaits!

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Welcome to Os-Alianor


Here at Os-Alianor we want to offer you the good old times you had playing the game we all love, Runescape.

Os-Alianor is a Runescape private server that caters to players old and new, however our main goal is to give the players who loved Runescape for its simplicity years ago a place that they can call home.

To kick off the start of Os-Alianor we are currently hosting Double Xp Weekends until we decide that players are far enough ahead.


Os-Alianor is finally ready to be released, Team Lukketid have been working on this for over 4 months and I am happy to present to you Os-Alianor.

  • 100% resizable client
  • Fully Working Combat
  • Complete Minigames (Barrows, Pest control, Duel arena)
  • Fully working God Wars Dungeon
  • Oldschool Orbs aswell as gameframe
  • 100% Wilderness Targets aswell as a target system
  • 100% Farming
  • Unique slayer points system along with Duo slayer
  • Gambling -> Flower poker, Dice bags
  • Boss Pets (Including kraken and kalphite princess)
  • Fair drop rates
  • Ironman mode
  • Ironman skilling zone


That is only a small fraction on what has been done to Os-Alianor, their is so much more unique content to explore and certainly a lot more to come

Play now: http://os-alianor.xyz/index.php

Direct Download : http://os-alianor.xyz/showthread.php?tid=10&pid=61#pid61


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]This server is runned on a windows 7 vps, and is up 24/7, laggy code has been optimized.

The goal of this server is, to keep the eco as minimal was possible.
Ive made the xp rates low, so slayer becomes much more fun and challenging, with great
npc drop tables and good drop rates.
Donator shop is meanwhile, to support the server and its costs (Shoutout to Kane for the 50$ donation)


-> Teleports

Hidden Content

Hidden Content



We also have all your oldschool needs so be sure to check us out today at http://os-alianor.xyz/index.php 

Can we bot on it?

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You didn't answer my question. And go on skype.

can't skype atm, come to my teamspeak : vs15.tserverhq.com:6373

yes if you want lollll


free hosting rly

hey bae not everyone is perfect

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