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Before You Buy | Premium Script Guide | Official Script Tester

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THREAD OUTDATED: Will update when Ikov bot is back online!

UPDATE: 11/12/2016, I'm back baby!


Welcome Parabot Users!

The plan for this is to have an all in one guide for the premium scripts put out by our script writers.

A stop before you shop, to know that you are getting your moneys worth.

Expect full reviews of each script in the near future.

If you believe information stated below to be incorrect please feel free to shoot me a PM!



SCRIPT NAME - Working Without Error

SCRIPT NAME - Working With Minor Bugs (do not break functionality of script) 

BUY ME! Use Caution, script may still be in development!

SCRIPT NAME - Script Heavily Broken (major bugs, break functionality)

Do NOT buy, check back for any updates. Scripts here may be moved to "No longer supported"

SCRIPT NAME - Script No Longer Supported

Definitely do NOT buy this script.

SCRIPT NAME - Untested, please check back for details.



Minimal Zulrah

Status Updated: 8/22/2015




Currently testing this script right now. Aside from minor bugs, it is in working order.

Keep in mind this script is in development.

NFrost 3.2

Status Updated: 8/22/2015



Script appears to be currently working, although this method is not incredibly profitable anymore. Buy at your own risk.


Status Updated: 8/22/2015



Testing will begin 8/24/2015


Status Updated: 8/22/2015



This script is in definite working order, personally have used a LOT.


Status Updated: 8/22/2015



Have not personally tested yet. Expect an update in the near future


Status Updated: 8/22/2015



Script currently working as of last update


Status Updated: 8/22/2015




The script currently needs assistance with logging in, upon fixing status will change

Ikov Gold Farm Thiever 

Status Updated: 8/22/2015




From what I understand, this script is currently not working. I do not want to put up a false status. I will be testing very shortly.





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