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[All Services] Ueax's Free Middleman Service // Vouched By Mod's // Perfect feedback // Avaliable Almost 24/7 [All Services]

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Ueax's Free Middleman Service


From Having vouches from normal users to having vouches from moderators. I have a good track run from being on parabot so far. I am looking to progress my reputation in the parabot community by offering a free middleman service.



My Disclaimer.

I am not responsable for what happens after the trade.


It is not my fault in any way if the buyer pulls out of the trade.


I am not here to take anyone's abuse or rude comments if this happens i will terminate the MM.



If you are requesting a middleman service please be patient and remember that i am doing this out of my own free time and i am trying to do it to benefit the community and help the staff members because they do a lot of things already and have a lot of things on there hands.


I will not give out my skype on topic but i will be happy to give it out if you PM me for it enquiring about a middleman service & I will also reply to comments and private messages on here enquiring about MM services.


All that i ask in return for anyone that uses my service and is happy with the outcome that you can leave me feedback showing that i have helped you out and also to help me further myself in the parabot community.



If you have any questions then feel free to contact me on the forum and i will get back to you as soon as possible.







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3 minutes ago, Minhaj308 said:

Great guy. 





1 minute ago, baenges said:

thanks to Ueax Middleman , 10m osrs gp transfered into rsps gp :)

trusted , would do again *thumb up*

Thank you.

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