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Proof of Boredofikov scamming

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Name of the Suspect : Boredofikov, Ikov name: World x, Dreamscape name: World x

Link to the suspect's profile:


uploaded the image

Type of trade:

Ikov Account for Dreamscape RSPS Cash

Proof of scam:

video, uploading chat logs

[9/3/2015 1:15:06 PM] selling ikov: hi, i don't know if i would like to swap accounts, id probably just rather have a trade offer
[9/3/2015 1:15:48 PM] selling ikov: and before the update, which i didn't know about, i was 5/6 achievements away from completing comp cape, but then they decided to add in another 70 or so achievements
[9/3/2015 1:16:21 PM] selling ikov: the 5t cash sounds, good, what would you rather the account be like to get the 5t
[9/3/2015 1:16:54 PM] selling ikov: cause, obviously depending on the money you have on an ikon account, you can buy the gear and do the bossing achievements, cause on my ikon account, i simply just don't have the money to do some of the achievements
[9/3/2015 1:17:08 PM] selling ikov: but i can do more achievements for you if you want, that just involve time
[9/3/2015 1:41:18 PM] Cameron Robison: Is there a way to get the donor back onto a ticket? Or is it stuck on the account now?
[9/3/2015 1:41:28 PM] selling ikov: what do you mean?
[9/3/2015 1:42:22 PM] Cameron Robison: Did you donate or did you buy donor with cash?
[9/3/2015 1:42:56 PM] selling ikov: on my ikov account?
[9/3/2015 1:43:02 PM] Cameron Robison: Yes
[9/3/2015 1:43:15 PM] selling ikov: i paid irl money to get the rank
[9/3/2015 1:43:28 PM] Cameron Robison: Okay
[9/3/2015 1:44:12 PM] Cameron Robison: Nvm then lol so yeah if you wanna do just the cash that would be fine but could you get to maybe 105 achievements? Or around there
[9/3/2015 1:44:37 PM] selling ikov: yea, I'm coin a few now
[9/3/2015 1:44:39 PM] selling ikov: I'm at 96
[9/3/2015 1:44:49 PM] selling ikov: how are we doin this btw, never done this before?
[9/3/2015 1:44:53 PM] selling ikov: we get a mm or something?
[9/3/2015 1:45:43 PM] Cameron Robison: Uhm idk how it would work on dreamscape as there are no players on there from parabot but if you want after I'm done showering I can ask staff
[9/3/2015 1:45:56 PM] selling ikov: sure, btw, i take it you have played ikon before?
[9/3/2015 1:46:16 PM] selling ikov: ikov*
[9/3/2015 1:46:24 PM] Cameron Robison: Yeah I'm maxed
[9/3/2015 1:46:26 PM] selling ikov: do you know the dice host 'inherited'
[9/3/2015 1:46:27 PM] Cameron Robison: Lol
[9/3/2015 1:46:37 PM] Cameron Robison: Heard the name
[9/3/2015 1:46:50 PM] selling ikov: yea, my account is a trusted dice host in his cc, if that makes any difference :P
[9/3/2015 1:48:45 PM] Cameron Robison: Oh Haha sure if I get more cash I can dive :p
[9/3/2015 1:48:54 PM] Cameron Robison: Dice
[9/3/2015 1:48:58 PM] selling ikov: yea, its a good money maker
[9/3/2015 1:49:03 PM] selling ikov: but it can also be bad
[9/3/2015 1:49:07 PM] Cameron Robison: Yeah
[9/3/2015 1:49:26 PM] selling ikov: like, on a good day, its a very good day, but on a bad day, it can be a very bad day unless you just say enough is enough and stop for the day
[9/3/2015 1:49:31 PM] selling ikov: if you get me
[9/3/2015 1:49:41 PM] Cameron Robison: Yeah I get you
[9/3/2015 2:35:39 PM] selling ikov: right, you there bro/
[9/3/2015 2:35:40 PM] selling ikov: ?
[9/3/2015 2:36:37 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah im here, gonna post on parabot now
[9/3/2015 2:36:45 PM] selling ikov: for a mm?
[9/3/2015 2:36:49 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah
[9/3/2015 2:36:56 PM] selling ikov: btw, i got the achievements up to 104
[9/3/2015 2:37:13 PM] Cameron Robison: oo ok
[9/3/2015 2:37:19 PM] selling ikov: can you meet me in dreamscape and show the 5t cash?
[9/3/2015 2:37:24 PM] Cameron Robison: i'm at 116 on my main :p
[9/3/2015 2:37:24 PM] selling ikov: just so i know you have it
[9/3/2015 2:37:49 PM] selling ikov: can you?
[9/3/2015 2:37:57 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah, name?
[9/3/2015 2:38:06 PM] selling ikov: world x, where will you be?
[9/3/2015 2:38:13 PM] selling ikov: and whats yours?
[9/3/2015 2:38:14 PM] Cameron Robison: northeast home
[9/3/2015 2:40:36 PM] selling ikov: how long do you think a mm would be?
[9/3/2015 2:40:47 PM] Cameron Robison: idk tbh lol
[9/3/2015 2:41:25 PM] selling ikov: i mean, we could do it ourselves, but i would require the money 1st
[9/3/2015 2:41:32 PM] selling ikov: and obviously i don't know if you would want to dot ah
[9/3/2015 2:42:32 PM] Cameron Robison: I mean
[9/3/2015 2:42:33 PM] Cameron Robison: hmm
[9/3/2015 2:42:43 PM] Cameron Robison: lemme post this on para and see if they respond
[9/3/2015 2:42:57 PM] selling ikov: i tried to pm a staff and they didn't respond
[9/3/2015 2:43:02 PM] selling ikov: and its been 15mins
[9/3/2015 2:43:08 PM] selling ikov: would you do it over a Skype call?
[9/3/2015 2:43:14 PM] selling ikov: so its a bit more formal you could say
[9/3/2015 2:43:19 PM] selling ikov: or whatever the word is
[9/3/2015 2:43:35 PM] Cameron Robison: uhm my mic is bad and for whatever reason my camera doesn't work lmao
[9/3/2015 2:43:46 PM] Cameron Robison: but i'll think of something
[9/3/2015 2:43:47 PM] Cameron Robison: or try to
[9/3/2015 2:43:48 PM] selling ikov: i wouldn't do camera anyway :D just voice
[9/3/2015 2:43:52 PM] selling ikov: I'm in my bed the now ahah
[9/3/2015 2:44:22 PM] selling ikov: i mean, i have no reason to scam, all i have is untradables on the ikov
[9/3/2015 2:44:26 PM] selling ikov: and i hate the staff and game
[9/3/2015 2:44:48 PM] Cameron Robison: same with me on dreamscape LOL
[9/3/2015 2:44:54 PM] selling ikov: :P
[9/3/2015 2:45:16 PM] selling ikov: we can wait if you want, but i don't know how long it will be
[9/3/2015 2:45:28 PM] selling ikov: but if we were to do it ourselves, we could get in a call and just do it that way
[9/3/2015 2:45:34 PM] selling ikov: but i would want the money 1st
[9/3/2015 2:53:43 PM] selling ikov: well?
[9/3/2015 2:55:19 PM] Cameron Robison: I'm thinking about it lol if they don't resoind soon I probably will
[9/3/2015 2:55:33 PM] selling ikov: okay, no bother
[9/3/2015 2:59:38 PM] Cameron Robison: someone responded lol
[9/3/2015 2:59:44 PM] selling ikov: who?
[9/3/2015 2:59:57 PM] Cameron Robison: name is MM on Parabot
[9/3/2015 3:00:08 PM] selling ikov: not sure
[9/3/2015 3:00:13 PM] selling ikov: never heard of him?
[9/3/2015 3:00:17 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah loading their acc now
[9/3/2015 3:00:18 PM] selling ikov: it say he trusted/
[9/3/2015 3:00:20 PM] Cameron Robison: to check
[9/3/2015 3:00:43 PM] Cameron Robison: read it wrong, his name is Sysm
[9/3/2015 3:00:45 PM] selling ikov: cause if he aint trusted by a lot of people
[9/3/2015 3:00:46 PM] selling ikov: were both fucke
[9/3/2015 3:00:49 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah lol
[9/3/2015 3:00:53 PM] selling ikov: :P
[9/3/2015 3:00:57 PM] selling ikov: still never heard of him ahah
[9/3/2015 3:01:47 PM] Cameron Robison: just loaded it and I'm prob not gonna do it with him
[9/3/2015 3:01:53 PM] selling ikov: there is a security pin on my account btw, so i will give that to you personally, when i have the money
[9/3/2015 3:01:53 PM] Cameron Robison: says he joined 22 hours ago
[9/3/2015 3:01:53 PM] Cameron Robison: lol
[9/3/2015 3:02:01 PM] Cameron Robison: okay
[9/3/2015 3:02:02 PM] selling ikov: oh ahaha
[9/3/2015 3:02:07 PM] selling ikov: yea,maybe not him
[9/3/2015 3:02:16 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah no x]
[9/3/2015 3:02:22 PM] selling ikov: should we just do it ourselves?
[9/3/2015 3:03:16 PM] Cameron Robison: probably, lol, give me a couple more mins and we'll do it
[9/3/2015 3:03:42 PM] selling ikov: okay
[9/3/2015 3:14:44 PM] Cameron Robison: mmk i'll do it without mm
[9/3/2015 3:14:48 PM] Cameron Robison: lol
[9/3/2015 3:14:52 PM] Cameron Robison: just gonna record it
[9/3/2015 3:15:03 PM] selling ikov: okay
[9/3/2015 3:15:19 PM] selling ikov: is my Skype name gonna be in the recording? cause i don't want everyone knowing my Skype name
[9/3/2015 3:15:38 PM] Cameron Robison: other than "selling ikov" is shouldnt
[9/3/2015 3:15:48 PM] selling ikov: okay, thats fine
[9/3/2015 3:16:18 PM] selling ikov: you coming on dreamscape?
[9/3/2015 3:16:24 PM] Cameron Robison: yeah
[9/3/2015 3:16:27 PM] selling ikov: cool cool


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