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Important Announcement!

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Fellow members of Parabot,

It is a sad moment to bring something like this forward to you today, but it's something of dire importance. Our IP.B license will run out soon, this is where the problem comes into hand. If this occurs we will be forced to shut down the site. What does this mean exactly? This means that we are coming to you for your support.

We currently have 25$ saved up, out of a whopping 175$ we need to keep the site running. Previous donation money was used for web hosting and the client itself. If you have extra money, or any way to help, we beg for you to try. This is a moment that has every member of the staff team concerned, but we don't have the resources to do this alone. This is something we really need help with, we would appreciate even the smallest amount, 2$ can go a long way. So if you can donate, please do, we wouldn't have gotten this far without you, and without you we can't progress any further.

You can donate to us by either buying vip/sponsor, or just by sending a donation to [email protected] (Paypal).
Currently we got 150$ from donations.
Deadline: End of January.

The Parabot staff.

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