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Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone on here is into bitcoin? I myself have invested around $3750 into bitcoin cloudmining on https://hashflare.io/r/3FBD5AF :)

Daily payouts from hashflare

As you can see in the screenshot i make a little above $50 per day (was $60+ before bitcoin decided to dip $4k) take note that this is before the 12%-15% pool fee.

This proves that it's never too late to get into bitcoin, as i recieved my first bitcoin when it was at $7400.

Let me know about what you've learned and what you have accomplished :)

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4 hours ago, bandos said:

Can you please explain how bitcoin mining works, and why I have to pay for it?

Tried to look it up, but I'm pretty confused.

Usually when you transfer money from your bank account to another, the bank will process the transaction. In this case, bitcoin has a smart system, the miners are the ones processing transactions, for every transaction there is a fee that miners will get for "mining" the transaction. So for example if you're mining with your own PC (it's not advised as it will kind of ruin it) then if it runs 2 megahash/second that's how much you can contribute with when processing transactions. The reason you have to pay for it is because A. you either have to pay to buy a mining rig/mining pc B. or you rent it off a company such as https://hashflare.io/r/3FBD5AF which is located in Iceland where they only pay $0.07/watt so you don't have to pay very much, about 14% every day of your income; this is called maintenance fee, this is for power costs/buying new equipment for the mining farm. Using hashflare is my choise because it's owned my a company called Hashcoins which produce mining equipment, so they will never run own of bitcoin mining contracts :)

Let me know if you need to know more

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Bought BTC at 700 and ETH at 10.. Why do you think I bought sponsor rank on a forum I barely use lol


with that said I sold early, but I bought back big long before you touched it still.


Also, you cannot deny cryptocurrencies are in a bubble. Don't invest recklessly. If you check coinmarketcap.com for the top cryptos by marketcap, you'll notice it's fucking absurd

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