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[Dreamscape] LordRaid

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Hey Guys,

Simply put this script will complete all raids using Pray SoulSplit and the inventory set up in the picture provided. 

Set up:- 

Inventory: https://image.prntscr.com/image/-B-f4vUrSUKEumhDXZUWNA.png
Location: type ::home and start there.

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works pretty good. response time on hittin the boss is pretty low. aka diablo, even with MG still cant get in the top 3 with more than 5 people due to it takes a bit of time  to target the boss. this has alot of potential. @Lord thanks so much look forward to buying this when its complete.

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Constructive criticism:

Great script, never messed up on Raid3. I'd recommend adding Leech Ranged to boost damage output. Makes hardly a difference in prayer drain if you're using white glass wings.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but maybe you could make it click on the teleport at ::raidhub to enter your chosen raid. I say this, because JUST in case this thing breaks for some reason, it won't spam ::joinraid over and over. It'd be simply be interacting with an object and navigating (single click) a dialog box. While we're on that subject, it might even boost the time it takes once you get to ::joinraid until it hops back in. It could, perhaps, "check" if that object exists, and if it does > click.

Paint doesn't track kills. It would be nice to see how many kills we get per hour, to see if various setups are causing a deficiency in kills.

I mostly only use Raid3, and it will sometimes die due to getting stuck on those damn gold bars and I can't hit the dragon, thus causing me not to be able to heal. I have no input on how to resolve that, honestly. Just something to note.

Whatever you did to make Raid3 hit the OG Dragon as soon as it spawns would be nice to see on Diablo. It's a wee bit slow on Diablo.


Ayways, thank you as always, Lord. Amazing scripts! :D

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19 hours ago, nizhitbt said:

This script works fine, I just didn't have the inventory setup correctly. Thank-you 🙂

I have found that the raids that actually need the bot to restore prayer (raid-4) are a little dodgy, after my script do a fully inventory run it just waited in at the place you go after a raid. It didnt attempt to use the ::bank command or go home to use the bank there.

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