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Dreamscape Script request

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Hey was wondering if anyone could make a simple "auto dicing bot" in dreamscape there is a 55x2 man that you can stake with just put in amount of bills u want to stake, and its really good money making if you just always double like if u got 100T u stake him 250b and you pretty much are guaranted to win at somepoint, but its very boring to just keep clicking

What i want bot to do

1. Go to gambling area, have cash in inv

2. Select amount u wish to start gambling with in a GUI (calculate beforehand how much u got and how much is smart to start with)

3. Player goes to gambler and starts gamble if he lose the first initial stake "250b" he stakes 500b and just keeps doubling if he loses but if he wins he starts fresh on 250B again or desired amount

4. would be willing to pay 10$ or more for this script.


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