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Ion Bot?

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So a few days ago while I was playing soulplay I heard a few people (include a mod) talking about this new hyped up server called Ion that was releasing march 1st. Again while playing today I heard 2 mods in soulplay talking to each other about this really hyped server that launched today and they were debating who would be the first to get the comp cape...


Anyways long story short I found this server (http://www.theionproject.com) and I'm in search of either a green dragon bot or thieving bot so I can gold farm before botting becomes a problem in the game.

(As i said alot of people are talking about it so im assuming botting will eventually become a problem just like any other popular server)


If its aloud im willing to pay up to 500$ to get a custom bot made or else even just a basic public script would work. Thanks guys.

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