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java -jar Parabot.jar -loadlocal -noverify


make a new notebook/notepad file, copy and paste that command onto notepad. when saving, make sure to click save as and change file type to all. then you will add .bat to the end of the file name, so itll say somehting like "run.bat" .. in the file, your parabot launcher has to be named parabot(without the .jar((itll automatically put it when you save it)) or the parabot.jar in the command has to match whatever you have your parabot client exe file is named. once done, put in folder with your parabot.exe and run the run.bat file. itll bring up a command prompt that will show errors and other messages as you play. now to find any npc id, all you'd do is click debug and then click npc. your command prompt shouldve updated with npc id's in your area and how far away they will be(tiles away)


if you got lost or something just pm me and we can try to 1 on 1 with it through discord. 

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