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[Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter


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On 2/11/2019 at 4:08 PM, TrueSharp said:

@cyber321 yes 

@Lord seems like the bot doesn't get out of the arcade ,  it gets attacked while trying to press on the yes/no then goes afk. 


suggestion : Option that let us set up the tiles where to start the bot. 

I like the suggestion I will take it into consideration than you!

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When the arcade script reaches the desired level and tries to leave the arcade, the npc's attack the character before it can click "yes" in the "yes or no" option for leaving the arcade. This distracts the character to attack the npc's rather than exiting the arcade immediately. After the character is attacked, it will not click on the arcade exit again. Instead it makes your character stay still until the AFK poison kills it. I think to fix this, you need to add faster click ticks onto the arcade exit and "yes" option. Please advise when this is fixed, and when the script will leave the arcade immediately after the desired level is reached, no matter how many times the character is attacked. Thank you @Lord

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