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Infinity account appeal

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Account name: Infinity

Link to Dispute Thread (if possible): Not that I know of

Reason for punishment: I have no idea

Why your punishment should be pardoned: Hello staffmembers of Parabot, I have recently tried logging in on Parabot to see how things are going and to possibly find a new server to bot on, however it appears my account "Infinity" has been banned from Parabot, I have no idea what has happened and why my account was banned? However I did figure out my account was compromised by Kristian600 (a frequent buyer of me) he keylogged me long go by sending me "his rsps" wich contained a keylogger. You should be able to see in the IP-logs if you save them. I'm from the Netherlands and he was from somewhere else. I hope my ban can be lifted, I had nothing to do with the rules that where broken..

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