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Dreamscape (redemption) acc for sale.

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Hi, i'm selling my Dreamscape acc if anyone is interested.

Account Information:

Level 138

Rank: Sponser (2nd Best rank in-store)

All Dream armour sets

Omega Set 

Emperor Set

Tribrid infernal cape 

Descimator9000 offhand - best offhand in-game for range

Space Boxing gloves and Quantum boots

Seasonal Devious Set

All level 3 auras

Trix amulet i 

Slayer pet (x2 Slayer points)

Various Boss souls (used for opening the soul chest)

Blessing of Fire

Lots of other armours sets like, flame, blizzard, shadow, shadow(U) elemental, chaos, all American sets, elite torva, pernix and virtus ect.

grimlock, optimus prime and slimer pets (seasonal and discontinued)

Corporeal Beast Battle pet ( Its possible i have the only Corp Battle pet.

Christmas icon, Christmas sword, 2K19 icon and 6th anniversary pet (discontinued) 

lvl 103 Scavenger and 86 Gambling


I've owned this account for about 5 years now so the bank is full of items from a while ago which have become very rare since the market reset and its got various tokens,. I'm on osrs now so I wont be coming back to play this anymore, so hopefully someone else can have fun on it since it is an amazing custom rsps.

Let me know if theirs anything else you want to know about the account 🙂 


if you are interested drop me an offer.

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