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Looking for some developers

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Dear Members of Parabot,


As mentioned in an other thread, I want to open my own Runescape private server.

I would like to have 3 dedicated developers and it must be a 317 revision.

So this means you need some good Java knowledge (you must know how to start from scratch).


We will start from scratch, or if you have an good source.

I don't want shit, like ::donator (at least not yet)


Also, if we start working together, I don't want you to ask if you can have a staff rank on Parabot, since this will be totally separate from Parabot.


Reply here and add me on skype :)






EDIT FROM UNIX: please do not post unless you have a history with rsps development (with proof) and know the revision inside out. we will be hand coding everything so if your idea of making an RSPS is ripping 300 snippets off Rune Server then this isn't for you. I will be watching this thread HIGHLY.



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I've been working with rsps for a long time, though 317 revision was like forever ago, I don't think I remember anything for 317, though that doesn't mean I won't pick it up quickly. When I'm interested in something, I learn very quickly, and I do not stop until the task is complete. I'm a very hard worker, and my ideas are very useful. I'm a fair person, and I'm interested in seeing what I can do for you.

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