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Dynamic [script] Signatures

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I made this a few years ago, for an old script I used to manage on Powerbot. It was called GTOrePickup.It basically had settings to change worlds, choose different location & bank methods. Simple enough, right? For F2P, when powermining was extremely popular, at draynor mine, picking up iron ore, going for 250gp each, This bot made around 400k / hr.


Anyways, that was the background of the purpose of the signature. Anyway,I made this back before dyn sigs were popular. I used it to keep track of time used, ore picked up, and total cash made (updated every time the bot was loaded, to calculate the GE price. 


NOW This is not the one I'm about to show you. I'm about to show a dynamic signature, that attached to a forum. A forum I set up for scripting, called GTScripts. This sig, was designed to... well you'll see what it featured, in the picture of the demo (main image) signature. It doesn't have anything in it, ATM, of course, because like I said, This is back when I managed RS Scripts.




As you see, it has many features, and a font called "artfont". I like this font, because it has a sleet design, and well. I just like it. :P - Now, This is around the beginning, when I started to learn PHP. I googled many things, and I found this feature that allowed you to use custom fonts, in your code. So, I can't exactly show you it in action, because I don't have a functional system. 


The best feature about this dynamic system, that I have not found in ANY dyn sig creator on powerbot, or anywhere really, is it has the ability to create its own file for each member who creates a signature, and updates regularly, in 2 hr increments, using CRON jobs, and also can be manually updated via web page, where you created the signature. The format it was save in was, {website}/{PlayerName}.png (ex. gtscripts.com/dayghost.png). Everything was stored in a mysql database,



What do you guys think?

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Working on a system so you just have to implement a few lines, your own text and your own image.

You don't have to make your own database, do your own PHP etc.

That would be awesome. If you need help with the PHP let me know. That's my language.

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