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Parabot account manager

Parabot account manager  

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Dear Lovely Members from Parabot,


We've been thinking on how to make life easier for botters like you and we came to an idea.

The Parabot account manager.

This system will be used so you can automatically login, re-login and let the script use your pin so you don't have to babysit your script.


The Parabot account manager won't be as all the others, since the information will be stored online, on a safe database.

Before you start thinking that it won't be safe, I'll explain how this works.


The first time you login to your account on the bot and use the account manager, your IP will be saved in the database and you'll receive a code.

That code will be used in the Google Authenticator, that is an application on your mobile phone which makes sure it's you, since you're the only one with the phone. The next time you login to the bot, your IP will be checked and see if it's the same as the last time you logged in. If not, you can not use the account manager (mind, you can still bot, but just without an account manager).

If you want to use the account manager on a new IP, you have to verify this with our verification system. You'll be asked to fill in your username and password and after that you'll need to verify that it's you, by providing the code, generated through the Google Authenticator.


This is a short example about the Google Authenticator.

It's for a server, but it's the idea about the application he shows.


Also, do mind that this is an option you may use or not. You're free to use it and it's all up to you!


Please give a feedback on this idea, so we can improve it.



The Parabot Development Team

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