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[PKHonor] pFisher [AIO]

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Hi guys,

since I'm back I'm going to release my AIO fishing script...

Supported areas and fishes:







    -manta rays

Fishing - 100%
Banking - 100%
Walking - 100%
Fishing spot supprt - 80% don't have a donoator account to make it work in D-zone also can't test roctail fishing(need some ids)
Randoms - 0% working on it






Source code


V1 - initial release

V1.4 - fixed issue when banking caused script to freeze

Edited by p0t

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Added to SDN
Added some random support
Added progressive mode: 1-99 fishing without stopping a script
Improved walking/banking
AutoLogIn should be working

Soon on SDN

Edited by pepsip77

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Everything went smooth until this happened, and the script stopped. 



Script just stood there doing nothing. Maybe if you could add a safe line in case this happens?

Fixed in V1.4, wait for it to compile in SDN

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