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Infinity's PkHonor Goldshop

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Hello Parabot users!



Struggling to train those levels? Want to have some fancy and strong gear? Going for a maxed account?

And ofcourse you need the money for it?

You are at the right spot!!


Welcome to my Goldshop, I'm currently selling alot of Pkhonor Gold!


The rates are as follow:



$1.50 - 1B PkHonor Gold

SALE: $1.25 - 1B PkHonor Gold

BULK: Can be discussed.


RS3: 5M - 1B Pkhonor 

SALE: 4M RSGP - 1B PkHonor Gold

RS3: BULK can be discussed


OSRS: 1M - 1B Pkhonor

SALE: 600K - 1B PkHonor Gold

OSRS: BULK can be discussed



(NEW&CHEAP) Gold Packages:

Package 1: 30B PkHonor Gold - 40$ - 1,35 per Billion

SALE: $1.20 - 1B PkHonor Gold


Package 2: 50B PkHonor Gold -  65$ - 1.30 per Billion

SALE: $1.10 - 1B PkHonor Gold


Package 3: 100B PkHonor Gold - 120$ - 1,20 per Billion

SALE: $1.00 - 1B PkHonor Gold

Package X: X-B PkHonor Gold - X-$ (Bulk under discussion)






Don't have RSGP, but you have PayPal? You can buy RSGP from several websites and contact me when you have gotten some RSGP.


Skype: infinity.goldshop



Current Stock: 700Billion



Terms Of Service:

- The buyer will always go first, unless Parabot Staffmember

- I have all rights to decline any transactions with you if I find you suspicious (PkHonor staffmember)

- Vouch for me after a transaction has been completed

- Enjoy the wealth you have bought



Contact Information Skype: infinity.goldshop

You can always PM me on ParaBot or reply on this thread!


- Most vouches are in my thread, some transactions were done private. Those are quoted.



ddpker, on 22 Jun 2014 - 4:08 PM, said:

brought 17b from him we did it in increasements he was a pleasure to work with will defintily be buying from him in future







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I added you on skype.

Just done this trade. Bought 2 bil then 5 bil after. Instant trade.


10/10 Would recommend. I went first as well.

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