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[PkH] Easy mPlanker

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Easy mPlanker (by ToothPik)

House/ WorkBench area



In-Game Setup

Just be at a house with a Butler and a WorkBench nearby.  The script will get money and saw from the bank if they are not in your inventory.

 * It's recommended you have at least 93 agility for more run energy.  This makes it a lot faster.


How To Get This Bot

Copy and paste the code found at: http://pastebin.com/0AeWjfWh into a new text document and save it as Main.java

You must compile this on your own.  Use this tutorial if you don't know how:



What Can This Bot Do?

  • Make Planks and Bank them (mahogany) 
  • Solve all 3 major randoms (Sandwich Lady, Mysterious Old Man, Bob)


Bot In Action




Errors And Suggestions

Please report any errors you encounter here.  Or any suggestions

Edited by ToothPik

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Woudn't know if its impressive, it doesn't seem to work. Along with the fact his eMahogany chopper has the same script names for his .class files. So when you download both you either have to change the entire scripts naming yourself or not have one.


Deleted all his WC files, installed and compiled the planker and it did not work.

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works nice when have best workbench @ home but when u have lower it doesnt work can u make an option to use all bench's?


edit: can u also make an option for own portal or friends?

Edited by imglo

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