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Essence Miner Progress

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So I started working on an essence miner script. I've never used the api of an injection/reflection bot before so it took a little longer. I've always coded color bot scripts. Currently I've been using it on 2006scape and this is my progress. It currently has 4 starting locations.

The bank, by aubury, the tile after you teleport to the mine, or around the mining area.

Since the pathfinding is buggy as shit it took a little bit to figure out the walking system but it walks from the bank to aubury, teleports to the essence mine, and runs the the essence and starts mining. Then walks back to the bank. 1 issue I did face is geting it to walk to the portal because its such a short distance. So I just made it face north and click the minimap.

Known bugs :

Sometimes it walks past the rune essence and doesn't see it so it doesnt click.

Sometimes it right clicks players and uses the 3rd option to follow and follows/trades them until they stop messing it up. ( only when right clicking aubury)

Sometimes it moves behind staircase in the bank and doesnt move.


Add camera movement.

Add random mouse movements.

Draw lines for the mouse.

Find a way to check what right click option its clicking

Prevent it from right clicking once it does teleport

Make it run faster

Find a way to check when you actually mine an ore.

Below is a short little proggy.


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